What You Must Know About Mini Face Lift Recovery

What does a mini face lift recovery process involve? What are the chances that you will recover quickly after the procedure? Well, these are some of the questions that you may want to answer before going through the process. This article offers you all necessary insights.

Why the Mini Facelift Surgery?

Mini facelift surgery has become common in the plastic surgery world. Patients above 40 years of age have to come realize that it the most effective way of addressing the signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin loosening. Small incisions are placed on the ear to help restore the chin’s definition.

A mini facelift is better than full facelift because:

  • Minimal scarring is involved.
  • The side effects are fewer.
  • It helps the patient to gain self confidence due to its effectiveness.
  • It is completed within a few hours.
  • The patient remains conscious through the procedure without being in pain.

A mini face lift recovery is only possible when you do proper planning. This involves:

Making Consultations with a Qualified Plastic Surgeon

It is worth noting that not every person is fit to go through mini facelift. Some need the full facelift procedure for perfect results. Others may need to stay away from such procedures until they get treated for mental and physical health complications. The surgeon may need to assess your state of health and consider your unique needs before making any suggestions on the way forward.

A good candidate for the procedure should:

  • Have a skin with some degree of elasticity. The face lift procedure involves the stretching of the facial skin to eliminate wrinkles. During the recovery process, the skin must still be supple to some extent for you to achieve perfect results.
  • Good bone structure. The underlying bone structure should be strong enough to contribute to the expected results. Otherwise, facial implants will be recommended.
  • The right expectations. The best candidates should understand the benefits and limitations of the procedures. They must not expect to get a transformation that cannot be achieved surgically.

The best professionals will provide a range of options to choose from to ensure that you get satisfactory results. The surgeon must have performed numerous procedures before, and should hence show you their profile. Insist on viewing their license and their certificates as members of the surgeon’s board.

Setting a Date for the Procedure

The right date for the procedure must coincide with a time when you have minimal pressure to fulfill other procedures. If you are a mother with young kids, you may want to go through the process when they are on holidays, or when you have a friend or family member to take care of their needs. It should also be a time when you don’t need to appear in public for events or parties. You must give yourself enough time to recover and get familiar with the youthful look. If you are managing a life-long condition, you must consult with your doctors on the right time for the process. It is also important to ensure that you are in the right state of health by:

  • Exercising to encourage proper metabolism and blood flow.
  • Taking the right meals that include vegetable and fruits.
  • Taking a lot of fluids to keep your skin supple and hydrated.
  • Avoiding smoking. Smoking is said to stand in the way of proper blood flow in the body. It will in turn impact the mini face lift recovery process negatively.

The simple steps listed above will help you to recover quickly and look vibrant even before the procedures.

The Mini Face Lift Recovery Process

Once you have gone through the mini facelift procedure, the next and most critical step is to go through the recovery process. You should expect to get a youthful look because all the wrinkles will be removed while the sagging skin will be tightened. These results are enough to boost your mood and allow you to heal accordingly. You must be aware of the following aspects:

Bandages and painkillers are acceptable immediately after the surgery

The surgeon will further offer you pain killers so that you are totally comfortable during the healing process

Immediately after the surgery, your head will be bandaged to ensure that excessive swelling and bruising is avoided. The surgeon may opt to insert a drainage tube behind the ear to eliminate the chances of blood and other fluids from collecting under the skin. The surgeon will further offer you pain killers so that you are totally comfortable during the healing process.

You Must Set Aside Enough Time For Healing

It is vital you take time off your busy schedule to allow for proper healing. While it may take a weekend to recover from the procedure, there is still a need to take time to deal with the related side effects such as swelling and skin discoloration. It may take two weeks to completely get back to normalcy.

Remarkably, the time required for healing depends on two main aspects. First, it will depend on the health of the patient. Some patients are likely to recover faster than others. Second, it will depend on the procedures taken by the surgeon. While some procedures will be significantly invasive, others will involve minimal invasion. The recovery process will hence take a different course for such patients. A qualified physician will monitor you closely and advise you on the time to rest as you wait for the recovery.

Maintain High Levels of Dryness

The dressings and incisions should be dry to avoid infections. This means that showering must be avoided until the surgeon offers such directions. Otherwise, there is a chance that bacteria will start to accumulate in the area, and cause devastating infection on your skin. Treating it will turn out to be costly and may lead to unnecessary scarring.

Sleep In the Right Position

The head should remain in an elevated position to reduce the swelling. It will also help you to get the proper blood flow, which further aids in the recovery process. You may want to use soft and comfortable pillows to help you maintain the right position.

The head should remain in an elevated position to reduce the swelling

Vigorous Exercise Must Be Avoided

You will be standing in your way in regards to recovering from mini facelift, if you go through rigorous exercises. Walking and simple stretching exercises are allowed. Request someone to handle your heavy housework such as lawn mowing and lifting heavy pots off the fire. Some of the engaging sexual activities must also be avoided.

Maintain a Simple Hairstyle

You must avoid blow-drying your hair or getting into the drier during the healing process. It may cause swelling and discomfort during the process. Keeping a simple hairstyle that does not require a lot of maintenance procedures during the mini face lift recovery process is hence important.

Sleeping and Resting Is Advisable

You will not recover with ease if you have thousands of chores to handle and worry about. Take time to rest from your busy schedule and sleep for longer. You will get out of the process with an incredible and noticeable look.

Do Not Panic

Many patients do not recover properly from facelifts because of fear that the procedure is not yielding the expected results. They may see more swelling in one area of their skin and fear that they have incurred an infection. All that you need to do in such moments is to contact your doctor, and they will advise you on the best way forward. At the same time, you must acknowledge that feeling confused, doubt and excitement is all a part of the process.

Remarkably, you may not feel and look like you expected during the first few months of the procedure. You may have been used to a certain look over the years that the dramatic change will make you feel as though you have made a mistake. Still, you are likely to notice other issues and scars because you are paying close attention to your skin. Wait for at least one year to evaluate the results. By this time, all the scars will have been healed. It is only then that you can determine whether the procedure was successful and if you need more alterations.

The Longevity of a Mini Facelift

Most of the facelifts last for approximately seven years. Within that time, you must take care of your skin by taking the right diet, finding proper supplements, using sunscreen and exercising among other things. This way, you may not need to go through the full facelift over the years. Maintaining a good relationship with your doctor is important, so that you can consult them for the next procedures.

The Bottom Line

All in all, quick mini face lift recovery is achievable if you are fully prepared for the process. Being patient, resting, maintaining high levels of dryness, and avoiding panicking is also helpful. You must also appreciate that the genetic and health-related factors determine the amount of time you will take to recover.