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Simoni Lift

Incisions, Incisions

Get the Doctor’s facts on the Simoni lift and other face surgery. Facelift reviews are a great source of medical information. What reasons do many of us have today to search out the experts in order to make changes to our appearance. What kind of vanity does it take for us to pursue our desire to alter what the good Lord gave us and seek out the best facial plastic surgeons available. But do we stop there, once we finish critiquing our face? Or do we actually strip down in front of the mirror all the time and think to ourselves “okay, is my nose to big”? “Are my lips too small”? “Would I look more proportioned with a bigger bosom”? “How about my backside, is it plump enough”? “Should I consider some type of implants to improve my figure”? Do we put ourselves through all these crazy, fastidious, agonizingly, crucifying critiques of our bodies because of all the hype surrounding celebrity plastic surgery fiasco’s? Or what if we are a crafted society of a whole lot of people who just don’t like themselves very much. Dr Simoni doesn’t seem to hear any complaints judging by his testimonials.

The Dr 90210

Here is a promotional picture of Dr. Rey for the TV show DR 90210.

Are we a bunch of attention starved individuals who would be willing to put themselves through just about anything to start getting more of it? Are we that concerned about mother nature taking her toll on our appearance that we are ready to go under the knife to prevent that from happening? Whatever corrections that we desire to impose upon ourselves can be done through multiple areas and various specialties in plastic surgery. Facial reconstruction is performed everyday by qualified cosmetic surgeons on those who are not so happy with the way they look. So where do we go to find some of the best facial plastic surgeons around? Beverly Hills, just like Dr 90210! Just take a look at all the celebrity plastic surgery being performed that we hear about on TV constantly!

The celebrity plastic surgery image of Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin has spoken plainly about celebrity plastic surgery.

It’s the celebrity plastic surgery that we hear about and have ample opportunity to view the results of, that sets the bar for how we, as normal human beings, think we want to look. Is it possible that all the celebrities having multiple types of face surgery gives us the wrong idea of what is really considered to be beautiful or acceptable in today’s society? Is it normal for us to consider having a lifestyle lift just so we can resemble someone famous that we may or may not idolize? Only the individual seeking to change their look through some type of facial reconstruction can answer that question for themselves.

Not so pleasant to think about, but; what if we genuinely aren’t trying to look like our favorite celebrity? Say we were involved in a terribly disfiguring accident of some kind and we actually have a good reason to seek out the best facial plastic surgeons in the world, what types of procedures are available to us in this case?

Whatever the case may be, for whatever reasoning there is, all types of variations to the facelift are performed by credited doctors who specialize in cosmetic surgery on the West Coast. Types of facial reconstruction include the well known and sought after traditional facelift, the inter face lift, a lifestyle lift, the popular Simoni Lift and a number of other types of face surgery such as skin resurfacing. Others of course drift to the plastic surgeons office for the benefits of breast implants or rhinoplasty. Its always one or the other, our noses and breasts are either too big or too small for our liking.

The Facelift

A facelift can be expensive but the price depends on which type of face lift you want.

The average cost for a traditional facelift is just over $11,000.00. It involves an incision that starts in the hairline and extends above and around the ear then curves back to the hairline behind the ear. After the incision is made the skin, along with excess fat, is lifted and stretched across the neck and cheeks, giving the recipient a much younger looking appearance. Sounds pretty drastic, doesn’t it? Well, if we really think about all types of facial reconstruction are pretty drastic, but drastic times call for drastic measures. Because the effects of aging appear most predominantly on the face a typical facelift is designed to eliminate the most visible signs of the aging process.

With so many variations to the traditional facelift available to us, choosing the right one for us solely depends on the results we actually desire. Top Kathy Griffin plastic surgeon Dr. Payman Simoni is noted for his version, the Simoni Lift. His technique revolves around a minor, one hour procedure that produces long lasting results with a more natural appearance. He designed his procedure to add laxity to the cheeks and jowls, eliminate loose neck and improve facial skin; all without the need for any major types of anesthesia. With precise incisions during his Simoni Lift, Dr. Simoni removes excess skin and fat from the areas of the face and neck, re-positioning the underlying structures. Success ultimately depends on the elasticity of the skin. Patients electing to have this considered out-patient procedure usually are well enough to go home the same day. The average cost for the Simoni Lift is about $12,000.00.

The inter face lift

The inter face lift is a very interesting option.

Another option for those seeking some form of face surgery to restore the look of their youth is the inter face lift. An inter face lift involves the lower eyelid and mid to upper cheek. It is basically meant to correct the look of droopiness around the eyes and puffiness in the cheeks; enhancing one’s look by providing a lift to those areas. An inter face lift can also be relied on to correct any elongation between one’s nose and upper lip. The typical cost for an inter face lift is anywhere from $4,000-$7,000. Cost depends on the amount of corrective surgery required. This procedure takes on average anywhere from 2-4 hours, again depending on the necessary face surgery that is performed on the recipient.

The coveted procedure known as the lifestyle lift is a surgical procedure created and performed by Dr. David Kent. Kent is a plastic surgeon situated in Detroit, MI. He designed his lifestyle lift as a facial firming type of procedure that can be performed in an hour under safe oral relaxation medication versus general local anesthesia. This particular lift was designed specifically to treat wrinkles as well as frown lines around the mouth. It involves removing excess fat from the face and neck thereby bringing back more solid definition to the jawline. By making a small incision in front and around the ear, the muscles are pulled to tighten the skin of the face and neck areas as the excess is lifted and cut. Each and every lifestyle lift is customized to the individual patient and the cost for the procedure ranges in the neighborhood of $3,000-$5,000. This is considerably less than most other procedures available and the recovery time is about a week.

Any one of these above mentioned facial reconstructive surgeries can have quite an impact on the way we look once they are completed and we are allowed the time to heal properly. But, what drives us as imperfect human beings to reach for the idea of perfection. Way to much emphasis is placed on looks and appearances these days. We go by the ideals set forth by what is important to society. Society dictates the way we look, act, dress and even how we apply our makeup; and by the way no woman ever leaves the confinement of her home without putting on her makeup first. We simply cannot go outside not looking our best.

Here is a medical video of the Doctor Simoni Lift.

Showing our age, according to society, is socially unacceptable. Now, of course there are those select few who have been blessed with good genes and terrific bone structure. These women can get away with the occasional “I just rolled out of bed”, look of dishevel. But, technically speaking, there probably isn’t a woman alive who would be willing to actually grow old gracefully in this day and age. Who can blame them? The truth of the matter is we don’t really have to. Today’s man doesn’t even have to make it all the way to “distinguished”, if he doesn’t want to. Today in America there are just about as many men as there are women who have the desire to improve their look and appearance. They too would like to erase a few unwanted lines and wrinkles from their face. Some of these men do so because they want to please their wives. Often their wives have already had work done and the husband needs to catch up so as not to appear older than his sweetheart. Some guys feel they need to appear younger at work to keep themselves from getting passed over for the next promotion. Still, others get the proverbial job done just so they can attempt to attract younger women to their cause. Whatever the case may be, the same procedures are just as effective on a man as they are on a woman. Members of both sexes enjoy the benefits of looking and feeling younger. Let’s face it, feeling a little bit younger than our actual years well into our forty’s, fifty’s and even sixty’s can be a heck of a large confidence booster for any of us. And when we feel better about ourselves we tend to do better in pretty much all aspects of our lives. A more confident person just might do better at his/her job, treat other people a little better, draw more positive attention than someone who is fairly insecure; or they just might possibly be more overall pleasant people.

In today’s world if we don’t feel good in the clothes we have, we can go out and buy new ones. If we dislike our hair color, we can change it. By the same token if we have a problem with the way we look, we can fix it. All we have to do is locate the best facial plastic surgeons we can find and enlist their skills for our independent use. And why not? If we can afford it, why not keep our forgotten youth for as long as we possibly can? Who says we can’t turn on the old boob tube and gain some inspiration from some of those beautiful people we see. We can also gain some much needed perspective from all the botched celebrity plastic surgery nightmares we witness on television. If we learn anything at all from what we see and hear, it is that there is definitely much debate over whether or not the old saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, holds true anymore.

Facelift Surgery

Facelift Procedures – Is it for me?

A facelift is a type of plastic surgery that can remove excess fat around the cheeks, and tighten facial muscles. Unfortunately as we age, our skin in our face becomes less elastic causing wrinkles to form and causing a negative self-image. After this procedure is done, the desired result is to appear more youthful; however there can be a variety of results.
One of the best facial plastic surgeons is the inventor of the Simoni lift, which was invented by Dr. Payman Simoni. The Simoni lift, which is a minor face surgery, is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat from the face and neck through incisions that starts at the hairline and ends in front of the ear.

The Dr Payman Simoni Testimonials

If you have complaints about traditional surgery try the Dr Payman Simoni Testimonials and Reviews web page.

The price that Dr. Payman Simoni, which is certainly and without a doubt, one of the best facial plastic surgeons in the market, charges $12,000 for this procedure. The risks of the Simoni Lift include infections, discomfort and on rare conditions a hematoma. If you have complaints about your face or want to review Dr Payman Simoni’s testimonials go to his website for more information and read the reviews.

With the amount of competition between celebrities to receive a job and the importance to look their best, they also get this type of surgery done as well. If an actor or actress looks their best, this will reflect on how much movies they can star in, and they believe that it is important to get a celebrity plastic surgery done by a plastic surgeon that treats celebrities. Unfortunately one of the main reasons why actors and actresses believe they have to look their best just to get a job is because of the public perspective of them and it is important to have talent and good looks.

Joan Rivers is one of the more famous celebrities that got a celebrity plastic surgery done. Joan Rivers has had one of the most, if not the most operations of plastic surgery done to her face which includes injections of Botox and multiples facelift procedures done.
Every surgical procedure has certain risks and complications, and this procedure is no different. The type of complications one has to consider when getting this kind of face surgery done are hematomas, infections, complications too the anesthesia, numbness and scarring. After surgery these conditions normally go away after two or three days, however there are also rare cases that these conditions become permanent.

Once a patient understands the risks and complications, there are two questions they must ask themselves. The first one are they a good candidate, and the second one is how effective is this kind of procedure. A good candidate will have realistic expectations on how this will affect their life. Anyone who wants this kind of procedure done also must be in good health, and be psychologically stable. Before getting facial surgery done, the person must be completely honest with their physician about any past medical history that includes, high blood pressure, any medications taken, and if you smoke. The other question a patient should ask themselves is how effective this type of surgery is. This is based on 3 factors which are the lifestyle choices of the patient before and after the surgery, exposure to the sun, and any kind of hereditary factors. Even after a successful surgery, patients still must remember that this does not stop the aging process and wrinkles on the face will reappear.

Another type of procedure that can be done is a facial reconstruction. A facial reconstruction is a surgical procedure that can be used to restore the functionality or the appearance of a person’s face. This kind of procedure will be used after a person experiences severe burns to the face, fractures, any congenital abnormalities, or to help in the case of any facial muscular paralysis.

The average price for getting a facial reconstruction done is $13,000, however since this type of surgical procedure can be done after a person experiences an injury, illness, or a congenital abnormality, this is usually covered by insurance. However even if this type of surgical procedure is a medical necessity, the types of health insurance and what they will cover will vary from insurance company to insurance company, so a patient should contact their insurance company to ensure they will cover this surgery.

Another celebrity who had to get celebrity plastic surgery done was Michael Jackson. In 1984 while singing his single hit Billie Jean for a Pepsi Cola commercial ad, the special effects went off too early, which Jackson experienced second and third degree burns to his scalp and face, resulting in a facial reconstruction to treat the third degree burn.
A inter face lift is another form of face surgery which the injection is being done within the face. An inter face lift has the same risks and complications as a normal procedure does, however the technique is different, and the average price for an inter face lift is cheaper as well.

There is one particular company called Lifestyle Lift, which offers minor surgical procedures that smooth wrinkles, tightens the facial muscles, and enhanced the jawline. Lifestyle Lift average cost for this procedure is $6,500, which since this is an elective surgical procedure and isn’t medically necessary, insurance will not pay for it and they ask for the money up front before the procedure. Lifestyle Lift has their headquarters based in Troy, Michigan.

The Face Lift Surgery

The Face Lift Surgey as seen on TV with Dr Simoni reviews the results of 2 types of facelift surgery.

Whatever facelift surgery you decide, you must also weigh in the risks and complications of the procedure as well as past and current medical history. This procedure can bring back a positive self-image but everyone must remember that, this does not stop the aging process and wrinkles will reappear.

Lifestyle Lift

Lifestyle Lift

A face lift, also referred to as a rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic surgery that enhances the appearance of an individual by making them look more youthful. This face surgery improves the visible aging signs on the neck and face. These signs include sagging skin, deep creases, jowls and excess fat deposits on the jaw and chin that leads to a double chin. This is a form of a facial reconstruction surgery that improves appearance, but does not stop or reverse the aging process. During the procedure, excess facial skin is removed and the underlying tissues tightened to rejuvenate the appearance.
Types of facelifts

The types of facelifts

There are many types of face lifts. Check the web for testimonials, complaints and information.

There are a various types of facelifts available in the market today. The most appropriate procedure is based on the facial anatomy, the aesthetic goal, the risks involved, the cost and the amount of time needed for recovery. Facelifts are classified according to the degree of invasion, the targeted area of the face, the kind of incision and the quantity of tissue layers involved. The most common types of facelifts are discussed below.
Mini-lift: This refers to inter face lift that are less invasive. A small incision is usually made during these inter face lift and the procedures target small areas of the face. The mini lift is also referred to as a weekend inter face lift because most patient undergo the procedure on Friday and go back to work on Monday. Mini lift procedures target the loose skin around the neck and jowls. During a mini lift, the physician numbs the lower section of the face using anesthesia. An S-shaped incision is made on the sideburns running from underneath the hairline to the ear. Connective tissues located under the skin are tightened and any excess skin is removed during the procedure. Facial reconstruction is carried out by the doctor using small sutures to close the incision.
S-lift: This face lift procedure targets the lower side of the face. It aims at smoothing out the jowls and the neck. An S-shaped incision is made near the ear after giving the patient a local anesthesia. The skin is lifted and the tissues and muscles tightened through the incision. The time of recovery after an S-lift is shorter since the incisions are made in a smaller area.
Mid lift: During this procedure, a tiny incision is made in the mouth and along the hairline located above the ear. Fat pads are pulled over the cheekbones during the process to help in tightening the skin around the cheekbones. An endoscope, which refers to a tiny camera, is used during the procedure to assist the doctor in visualizing the surgical area.
Lifestyle Lift: A life style lift is a branded cosmetic surgery that is offered in several lifestyle lift centers that are found in America. A lifestyle lift is a mini lift procedure that is done under a local anesthesia.
SMAS lift: This face surgery targets the skin top layers and deeper tissues on the neck and face. Due to age, muscles around the face and neck sag and become lax. The SMAS lift aims at correcting this problem. During this face surgery, an incision running from the natural crease of the temple up to behind the ear lobe is made. Sutures are used to tighten the SMAS and any excess skin is removed during this facial reconstruction and the rest of the skin is stitched up. This procedure is suitable for people with mild laxity, mid face sagging and a few jowls.
Simoni lift: A Simoni lift is a form of a mini lift surgery that was designed by Dr. Payman

The Payman Simoni Testimonials

The Dr. Payman Simoni Testimonials regarding the Simoni Lift are very good.

Simoni. It has good testimonials and is a minor procedure that lasts for one hour and has natural results that last for a long time without complaints. This face surgery tightens the lax skin on the jowls, the neck and the face without using any major anesthesia. A local anesthesia that contains epinephrine is injected to numb the face area. Excess skin and fats are removed from the neck and the face through well placed incisions that are located behind the ears and along the natural hairline. A patient takes a shorter time to recover after a Simoni lift and the end result is a more natural look.
Celebrity plastic surgery
Most people in the entertainment industry have undergone a celebrity plastic surgery to restore their youthful looks. Celebrity plastic surgery enables these iconic superstars to look young despite their advanced age. They have to look good for their fans and most of them consult the best facial plastic surgeons to restore and rejuvenate their natural youthful looks. These superstars always look fabulous since they have money to hire the best facial plastic surgeons. Some famous people who have undergone a facelift include:
Madonna- This pop star singer who is over 50 years is rumored to have gone through this procedure to restore her youthful skin.
John Travolta: This Hollywood legend actor has a flawless and wrinkle free skin. He underwent a face lift to smooth out any wrinkles and sagging skin.
Hillary Clinton- the Secretary of the State looks quite youthful for her age. It is rumored that she underwent a neck lift and a face lift to tighten any sagging skin around her face.
Cher: Cher was a 1960s and 70s singing star who still looks very young. It is rumored that she underwent a superb procedure to restore her youthful skin.
The price of a facelift depends on the type of procedure that is carried out and where it is done. The best facial plastic surgeons charge a fee of $5,000 to $15,000 for any type of a facelift surgery. It is important for patients to inquire the cost of a facelift from different doctors before settling for a particular one.